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Locke Burt, President, joined the company in 1974. Previous experience - First National Bank of Chicago. Licensed Attorney (Chicago & Illinois). Licensed Insurance Broker (New York) and Reinsurance Broker (New York). Prior President of Independent Reinsurance Underwriters and Brokers.

E-mail: burt@ormondre.com

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Jay Deiner, Executive Vice President, Secretary and General Counsel, joined the company in 1977. Insurance career began in 1962. Prior experience - Allstate Insurance Company Home Insurance Company and Northstar Reinsurance Corporation. Licensed Attorney (Florida). Past President of Excess/Surplus Lines Claims Association, Member of the Reinsurance Substantive Law Section of Federation of Defense and Corporate Counsel, Member of the International Association of Insurance Receivers, designation Accreditted Insurance Receiver, Certified Arbitrator and Umpire by ARIAS-U.S.

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Cathy M. Driggers, Senior Reinsurance Analyst, had diverse accounting, administration and claims experience prior to joining Ormond Re Group in 2001. During this time she has coordinated all reinsurance recoverable activities on behalf of client companies and Receivers. In addition, she has the responsibility for processing all claims submitted to the Company, as well as tracking shock and catastrophe loss statistics. She  has successfully completed Reinsurance and Contract Wording Training Course offered by Strain Publishing.

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William T. Long, Senior Vice President/Controller, joined Ormond Re Group in 1980. Prior, Mr. Long held various senior positions in the insurance industry, including five years with Interstate Insurance Company and five years with American Bankers Insurance Company.

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Shirley L. Waldon, Senior Bookkeeper/Account Analyst, joined the Ormond Re Group team in 1977 and is involved in all aspects of premium and retro accounting for Ormond Re Group. She has earned a B.A. Business Management degree and has completed various accounting related courses offered by Skill Path Communications.

E-mail: waldon@ormondre.com

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